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Our Vision

The driving force for people to succeed!

Principles and Philosophy

1) Compassion


2) Respect


3) Non –Judgemental


4) Commitment to Quality


5) Aim to improve people’s lives

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My Story

Here is my story on how I overcome my video game addiction and why I strive to help others overcome their's.


Find out how I overcome my video game addiction and how my story can help you to overcome yours.

OUR Mission

1) Show people that they are not alone in this.

2) Everyone who struggles with video game addiction counts and deserve the life they want.


3) Improve people’s lives.


4) Provide the best value and solutions so people are able to overcome this and move on as soon as possible.


5) Improve awareness and give quality solutions on video game addiction.

Life Coaching

I am a life coach who focuses on helping people overcome video game addiction and help them build the lifestyle of their dreams.

Visit my Vlog posts and learn unique tips, insights and tools on how to overcome video game addiction yourself.


Or book a Free Strategy Session Today 

Mountians and Lake

Online Life Coach 

Support That Makes a Difference

My passion is helping people improve their lives and fulfil their dream lifestyle. I am able to help you beat your addiction to video games by one to one coaching online. All I want to do is get you the results you want. I can get you results as long as you are willing to put in the work!

About Me

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Hello, I am Vikki and I'm a video game addiction coach. I help people beat their addiction to video games and transform their lives. 

I can help you permanently defeat your video game addiction so you can start living the life you desire. I can help you to define and structure your dream lifestyle, help you build discipline for success generating habits and deconstruct any limiting beliefs that could be holding you back from this dream.

You can get results within 6-7 Weeks

Vikki Horton

Video Game Addiction Coach

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”


Video Gaming Addiction Support Group 

Facebook Support Group

If you feel you require a place to be able to voice your issues or concerns within a group which is non-judgmental and provides value, this is the group for you!

This is a support group on Facebook created by Johnny Haddadin. He created this group to allow people to have support for this type of addiction. This group aims to help people who are addicted to video games, supports people trying to overcome their video game addiction and also supporting people who have loved ones with video game addiction. 

This group is filled with friendly and supportive people who currently have an addiction to video games or have overcome it themselves. You can join today and ask for help, tips and even advice on how to overcome your video game addiction. 

I myself am a part of this group giving my support and tips on how to overcome video game addiction. This group is completely FREE! My friend Johnny created this group for give support and helps others who struggle with video game addiction.


Join us today here:



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