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Building strength, overcoming fear of failure and becoming better

You may feel as though you cannot do something because you don't have the strength to face the hardships that come with change.

Though you should remember, it is in our hardships, trials and tribulations that bring out our strength. They makes, or breaks us. Strength derives from growth and learning when we our out of our comfort zone.

Whilst you are dealing with overcoming video game addiction, you will face great hardships and battles with your own mind as you strive to improve your life, whilst your mind wishes you to stay where it is comfortable and most importantly, familiar.

So persist, keep going and keep pushing forward.

If you cannot run, walk, if you cannot walk, crawl... No matter how you are moving forward, make sure you keep moving forward towards that dream... that goal.

And you will achieve it! It all takes time, discipline, focus and consistency.

Understand that when your trying to improve your life and making those changes to be free of video game addiction, remember that every struggle you face will do nothing more then build your strength to achieve that healthier lifestyle and healthier mindset your looking to achieve. The strength you will accumulate will lead you towards achieving your goal.

There will be times when you think "What's the point?" or "Life is so boring without games!" or "Why did I stop gaming so much? I love games" and then you begin talking yourself round to retreating back to the comfort of playing video games over and over again, landing back to square one. Rendering all your previous struggles to build a better life, useless. All that strength to continue towards your dreams, lost.

Remember, your need to change MUST BE GREATER then your need to stay the same.

You will most certainly struggle and fight with your own mind whilst beating your video game addiction. Your mind is your own worst enemy, wishing to be constantly within its comfort zones, receiving its large dopamine fix and gaining that instant gratification which only provides short term happiness.

But your mind is NOT the one in control. YOU ARE! You are the one in control, so take back that control, take responsibility, take back your power and make your life aspirations a reality.

Fear of Failure:

Don't let fear of failure hold you back and don't let the excitement keep you in a daydream either. Both prevents you from taking action!

🌟 If you have a vision, plan it. 📖

🔥 Once you have a strategy, take action 💪

👍With positive or negative feedback, learn from it, iterate previous strategies and jump back in.

🔥 Keep moving forward, ignoring the naysayers and the negative thoughts along the way. Only listen to people who show they have your best interests at heart.

💪 Don't turn back when it gets hard or tedious because that's just your brain being lazy. Tell those lazy thoughts to do one and KEEP GOING. Keep changing for the better because you can.


The only thing your not allowed to do, is quit, because when you quit, that is when your a failure. When you give up and fall back into the old habit because YOU THINK you cannot do it or CHANGE YOURSELF, is when you truly have failed.

🔑 You CAN do it, its just your brain that needs to be told, YOUR in control because this is YOUR life. And this life, is the only one your going to get.

There is no re-spawn, there is no reset button on this life you have. So stop sitting in self pity or beating yourself up over the time you previously wasted. There is nothing you can do about the past.

🌟 However, you can LEARN from your past and IMPROVE yourself today, in the present, so that you BECOME a better person in the future. 🏆

Key Tip!: Energies are infectious! If you wish to be motivated, productive, positive or even happy, whatever it is you want to be; if you are surrounding yourself with negative people, negative news and bad energies, guess what, that is the very energy your going to have and put out to the world.

🌟 Remember, what you put out, is what you get back!

People influence us as much as we influence them. Even without us even noticing.

If your surrounding yourself with naysayers or judgmental people, distance yourself from them or clear them from your life if you can.

Truly negative people will find a problem for every solution!

🔥 Better yet... Become the person you want to be. Be the person you wish to become. NOW!

🙏 Be being the change! By being the person you want to become will help filter out the people who will push you towards success and those who will try to pull you down.

🎉 When you surround yourself with more people who give you support, encouragement and even challenge you to push yourself beyond your limits. You will succeed at whatever you put your mind to because energies are infectious! 💪

🌟 Remember... its ok to have a rough, bad day. Its not ok to stay there and allow it to destroy the rest of your week, month, year.

You need support with something, find a support group, help others as well as seek help yourself and begin the journey of change for the better. Give yourself time to improve too.

🌟 Be with people who provide VALUE to your life and make you want to give value to their lives! GIVE VALUE TO OTHERS!

Overall, It is not about what you've become, it is about who your becoming. In life we consistently change, adapt and move on with time. Although it may seem you are not, that your at a constant stand still or feel as though your going in circles.

Remember, life is about who you are BECOMING. Not what you've become so far.

With hard work and time, you will become someone who is stronger, wiser and more connected to what is more important in life.

If you what to change the current lifestyle you have, you must become that change today. Continue the same way and all you will get is the same results.

You can do this by changing the way you think, feel and act. Only then will your lifestyle improve.

Ask yourself: who am I becoming? Whilst looking at your lifestyle now. Who are you becoming?

You have the power to change it. Your soul is ready, its your mind that needs convincing.

All the best!

Vikki :)

You have an open road, its up to you to start walking - Vikki H :)

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