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Get out the house!

Sometimes you just need to get out the house and explore somewhere you never been before to keep thoughts of playing video games at bay!

Painshill Park Picture Taken by Vikki Horton
Painshill Park Picture Taken by Vikki Horton

Spent all of my day today with my Dad at a beautiful country park here in the South of England, UK, called Painshill Park.

Its was so much fun exploring all the old Follies, architectural buildings and forests with my bat crazy father.

If you have family you fill your loosing connection with due to your video game addiction, there really isn't any better way then packing up a lunch box and blanket, heading out to a local or country park and exploring with your loved ones and family.

You can also add in a bit of adventure and appreciation for our beautiful planet too.

Painshill Park Picture Taken by Vikki Horton

Reconnect with family and beat those urges to always play videos games because there is a whole world outside waiting for you to explore and enjoy! Not through a TV scene or game.

All the best! 😉

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