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How limiting beliefs prevents you from overcoming video game addiction

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are thoughts/beliefs in which negatively affect life outcomes. For example, constantly saying that you have no other form of happiness other than playing video games is a limiting belief and will stop you from finding happiness elsewhere in your life. Even with your family and friends.

Limiting beliefs mainly stem from fear due to lack of knowledge or experience.

Now, your mind-set is based upon your belief systems, your way of life, values and morals. Your mind-set can be influenced by people, environment of which you live in and your upbringing. Therefore if you have limiting beliefs about changing for the better, guess what? You will never change for the better. Our belief systems shape our reality, our way of life and success.

So how does limiting beliefs stop you from overcoming video game addiction? Let me give you a few examples of limiting beliefs:

1) Thinking how hard it is going to be to change your situation and whether you can find anything else that interests you.

2) Think you will find no other source of happiness.

3) Think nothing else will challenge you as much.

4) Think you will not find any sense of purpose or achievement anywhere else.

5) Think nothing else is as entertaining.

6) Believe you will not find anywhere you can socially fit in or connect to make friends.

Well, there are all limiting beliefs. Why? They are preventing you from improving yourself, from taking risks and changing your life for the better. They prevent you from making changes and doing new things to grow and learn.

Right now you are currently in your comfort zone where you are fed instant gratification, sense of achievement and happiness through constantly playing video games in your free time. With remaining in your comfort zone, you are denying yourself the chance to improve your life, learn something new or even revisit an old hobby you use to do. With staying in your comfort zone, comes limiting beliefs which prevent you from leaving that comfort zone and improving yourself.

Remember: If we are not growing we’re dying. In order to grow, you need to move out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Right now, your comfort zone is your video games, the amount of time and effort put into those games and the achievements you have gained from them. In order to overcome video game addiction and its side effects, you need to tackle the limiting beliefs and step outside of your comfort zone to be able to successfully change for the better.

Current lifestyle equation:

Comfort zone x Limiting beliefs = constantly getting the same results (Constantly playing video games)

So the key to be successful in overcoming video game addiction is to stop telling yourself these limiting beliefs. STOP believing in them all together.

Start telling yourself: “I know I am scared, but everything will be ok. I can find new hobbies, I can walk away and I will achieve in other areas of my life when I give myself the chance to. I know it’s not going to happen overnight, that I may fall off the wagon or make mistakes. But that is all a part of learning and improving. Success does not lead success, failures lead to success. So long as I persist and do not give up on myself, I can do this.”

Replace the limiting belief with a positive attitude. Then take action!

New desired lifestyle equation:

Outside comfort zone x positive beliefs = growth, learning and change

Limit your playing time on video games, make a list of things you have always wanted to do or want to try out and why. Try them out for 2 weeks, tell yourself you CAN do this and that you’re at your first chapter of this new hobby therefore you won’t be incredible at it yet. Focus on what is important to you; know what you want and how you’re going to get there.


1) Stop telling yourself that you cannot do it! Identify the limiting belief and reverse it to a positive one.

2) Take action! Move out of your comfort zone.

3) Make sure you know what YOU want! You will not succeed at anything if you do not have a clear vision of what you want, where you want to go and how you’re going to do it.

4) Quiet your mind through mediation and learn to tell those negative voices to do one!

5) Keep reminding yourself why you wanted to change.

Change Equation:

Identify limiting belief x reverse belief system = Path to desired result

(Fear of change due to lack of knowledge or experience) x (Courage to change) = Desired lifestyle

Remember that this will help on the way. By changing your belief systems you can then change your look on life and mind-set. Once this is done, consistently work on improving yourself and reclaim your self-control. Once you have gained your self-control, practice discipline in order to keep yourself in check and to keep doing this new habit without a second thought.

All the best,


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