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How to be free of your need to play video games and focus on your dream lifestyle with these 3 tips

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Playing video games can be a fun and a rewarding pass time. Not only does it allow you to forget the real world for a while, you can also gain a sense of reward and achievement by completing difficult tasks, missions or campaigns.

However, if you feel you have been drifting through your day to day life only excited to get back to the game knowing you should be focusing on other aspects of your life, then you should consider making these 3 changes:

Step 1: Limit the amount of time you can play your video game for.

Make a rough estimation of how long you spend playing video games for and cut it in half. By doing this, you can slowly weaned yourself off of needing to play video games. You can do this by simply setting a timer or having a friend/family member tell you when your time is up and stick to it. No matter where you are in the game, save or finish the mission and turn off the console. Many people stop completely and resist the urge to play as much as possible. Whether it is only having limited time playing or not play video games full stop, it is up to you but you must stick to it in order to be free of it.

Step 2: Find or restart a hobby

I know, your probably rolling your eyes right now. But sit and think for a moment on the things you use to do before you became obsessed with playing video games. Make a note of three things (not video game related) you love or would love to start doing and pick the one that you would like to do the most. Then search for it in your local area and sign up. This could be the gym, swimming club, self-defence or even a creative writer's club. Whatever it is, from rock climbing to fixing cars/motorbikes or even joining a baking club. Whatever comes to mind, go for it! Go for something that sparks your interest.

Step 3: Step out of your comfort zone

Think of something you would not usually do and do it. This could be going to social events at college/university or work. You could even learn a new language if that is what you've always wanted to do. Stepping out of our comfort zone every now and then helps build our confidence and fear threshold. It teaches us that some risks are worth taking whereas some are just lessons to learn from. Never be scared to do this. You never know what possibilities could happen.

Doing these three things can help you to step away from your gaming consoles and improve your lifestyle. Remember: Do NOT fear what others think or judge you on, because no matter what you do in life you will be judged regardless. Whether it would be staying as you are and playing video games to your heart's content or following your dreams.

If you feel you require more help with this, feel free to book a free strategy session call with me today. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop a comment too.

All the best,


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