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Building a Good Habit with Video Games Series

Vlog 20 - Building a Good Habit with Video Games


In this video I talk about how you can build a healthy relation ship with gaming and why it is important to prioritise your life over gaming. I also go over what you can do to focus on your life goals and how you can do that as well as harmonising gaming as an entertainment for your hard work, a reward for hard work or simple a way of relaxing after working towards your goals.


I talk about my experiences and what I did in order to build a healthy relationship with gaming as well as prioritising my career and lifestyle hobbies. 👩‍🔬🏍


Let me know if you want to learn more on this and feel free to book a free strategy session with should you need exclusive help :) 

Vlog 21: What Makes a Bad Habit


In this video I will discuss briefly on what makes a bad habit and how it can relate to your video game addiction.


Most of the time, bad habits can lead to addictive tendencies when it comes to entertainment, food and beverages. When you begin to "need" something in order to function in your day or find a sense of relief, this can be considered a dependant addiction such as, caffeine, nicotine, sugar, porn, shopping, drinking and drugs (illegal or legal).


Addictions all start from somewhere and through either a specific emotion or impulse.


By keeping a daily record of your daily tasks (such as work, eating, workouts, gaming, behaviour and energy), you will understand all your daily habits as long you are honest about them. You will notice what and when you are doing certain things throughout your day, you will notice the triggers or emotions behind those actions to which provides you with a clear path on how to tackle those bad habits more effectively.

Vlog 22: Breaking a Bad Habit

I love a good Linkin Park Reference: Breaking a Habit

Anyway, in this video I will go into details on how to break a bad habit and why it is important to plan for a new hobby, project or interest when breaking away from video games.

I hope this video is helpful and do contact me if you need any more help.

Vlog 23: What Makes a Good Habit?


In this video I will discuss what makes a god habit and why they are important to overcoming video game addiction.

Do let me know if there is anything you would like me to cover in the upcoming video’s and if there is anything I could cover in more detail.

If you need any more help, feel free to book your free strategy session today! 

Vlog 24: How to Build a Good Habit


Rule no.1: Take it one step at a time and never overwhelm yourself with lots of good habits to add to your lifestyle.


Keep it simple :)

Vlog 25: Feedback Loop


In this video I will discuss what a feedback loop is and why it is important to understand to set the foundations of your daily habits.


Feedback loops can either positively or negatively reinforce your lifestyle and what you are aiming for in life. Feedback loops enable you to be aware of yourself and your mindset and can also help you improve your lifestyle by changing aspects of the the trigger or actions.


Hope this video is helpful and take care :D

Vlog 26: Building a Positive Feedback Loop - In this video I will discuss how to build a feedback loop to affect your lifestyle in a positive way and how to keep it simple. 

Vlog 27: How to Build Confidence - In this video I will discuss a number of points on how you can build confidence in yourself and outside of video game addiction. 

Vlog 28: How to be Social - In this video I will discuss how to be more social and how to build confidence in talking to people outside of video games. 

Vlog 29: How to use Gaming to be Focused on Life


In this video I will discuss what skills you learn through playing video games and how they can be applied in everyday life. I also discuss a little bit how you can interact with people whilst doing this and improving yourself as people seldom like people to change for the better or change at all. I also give a few tips on how to deal with this sort of issue too. 

Vlog 30: How to Build a Healthy Relationship with Gaming - In this video I will do a short talk on how you can build a healthy relationship with gaming as well as go after your life's aspirations. This mainly aimed at those who know that they will be able to play video games in moderation.  

Vlog 31: Never Let Anyone Affect You Negatively


Never allow someone to negatively impact you to the point you return to your comfort zone.


Because when you began to make waves and improve yourself, people who don't like to see others surpass them, succeed or become better. Those people will say or do anything to try and bring your down to make them feel better.


Never let anyone try to do that! NO ONE!


Keep becoming better for yourself, your life and chase those dreams!


Much love! ❤️🙏


All the best!


Vikki Horton

Posted: 20/06/2020 - 02/08/2020

Video Game Addiction vs Self Isolation Series

Video Game Addiction vs Self Isolation Series

These series of video's are primarily for helping you to fight the urges to excessively play video games and combat your video game addiction whilst self isolating from home. I will try to do a video once a day for you guys to use each day whilst your working from home or self isolating during this difficult time. Please stay safe and keep to the guidelines your government's are advising or putting in place. 

If your require any further help, please feel free to book your FREE strategy session using the "Get In Touch" button above and we can get started. 

Useful Links:

1)Exercise and Workouts

 - YogaWithAdriene (YouTube)

 - Koboko Fitness (YouTube)

 - Ryan Raymer – The Fit Reaction (Online)


2)Meditation and Affirmations

 - Meditation Relax Music (YouTube)

 - Power Thoughts Meditation Club (YouTube)



Vlog 15 - Dealing with Video Game Addiction Whilst in Self Isolation Part 4


I know in the video I said part 3 but it should say Part 4 and I should have said Part 4! 🤦‍♀️


This video is aimed at helping people deal with stress and anxiety when fighting video game addiction in self Isolation. Let me know if this video helps and whether you would like to see more of it in the future.


By the way, the best Apps to use to bock out social media and news for a period of time are;

1) Offtime

2) Flipd

3) AppBlock

4) SelfControl


These apps are free and can be found for Iphone and Andriod.


Parts 1 - 8 uploaded: Slide videos or click across to access each video :) 

I hope these videos help you get started and please feel free to leave me feedback. 


All the best 


Posted: 25/03/2020 - 13/06/2020

Update March 2020

Update video!


Hope you guys are doing well and I apologize for not being around. I especially apologize for the thumbnail on this video 🤣 But I hope it gave you guys a good laugh!


Anyway. Remember that rest is very important, especially when changing your lifestyle. Sleep is one of the most important things in our lives. It helps regulate diet, metabolism and health so make sure you are getting enough of it per day. 6-8 hours is the average an adult should have per day.


Don't do what I did and jump in a new schedule at 100mph after having all the time in the world to basically working 7am-9:30pm. I did this straight away without giving my mind and body a chance to adjust causing this exhaustion. So right now I am resting as much as I can so I don't have another burn out like last year 🤦‍♀️


It is good to catch yourself when you begin to notice your body's warning signs. Mine were - food, shower, BED! 🤣 I know when I start thinking like this, I am not resting as much as I should. This is easily done, especially when your so passionate about something that your working towards. Everyone I know who is successful as done this so don't beat yourself up for it as I won't be. We are human at the end of the day 🙏


I will definitely be back on track soon and will have those videos done soon :)


Take care,


Vikki Horton

Posted: 12/03/2020

How to Combat Urges to Play Video Games

How to Combat the Urges to Play Video Games


In this video, I will discuss how to combat the urges to play video games and learn how to prevent the urges from taking over.


Hope this video helps and do feel free to leave me feedback in the comments or send me a message or email :D


All the best!



Posted: 05/02/2020

Why Urges to Play Video Games get Worse as You Step Away from Gaming

Why Urges to Play Video Games get Worse as You Step Away from Gaming Video


In this video I will talk about how your urges to play video games get worse the more you step away from gaming. I will talk about how your emotions create the urges and how your urges trigger your need to play video games.


Do give me some feedback on how I can improve future video's and I hope this helps :D


All the best!



Posted: 28/01/2020

Help with Transitioning back into Life without Video Games

Help with transitioning back into life without video games

In this video I will discuss how to transition into a lifestyle you want without video games. This video focuses purely on how to make the transition and the importance of taking things slow and at bite size goals. By doing this, your daily tasks will be realistic and achievable and ultimately lead you to achieving your life goals. 

Do message me with feedback so I can improve my blogs in the future!


All the best! 


Posted: 20/01/2020

How to Break The Habit with Video Games and Doing New Hobbies

How to Break the Habit with Video Games and Do New Hobbies

In this video I will discuss how you can break the habit with video games and how to start doing new hobbies that will better your lifestyle of choice. 

Remember that by making a change, it will be hard at first and everything takes time to get use to. With any new habit or breaking of a habit, things take time and you must be patient with yourself. 

If you feel like there is nothing else your interested in doing, that's because you've become so immersed in gaming that your mind believes there would never be any other activity that will give you the same feelings. For example, if you use gaming to relieve stress, you may find it difficult to find another hobby or activity which helps you unwind or to relax. Keep an open mind and have a look into other activities which can help you relieve stress and give you that relaxed feeling that gaming use to give. 

That is where the key is. Finding an activity which produces the same affects as gaming, however benefits your health and productivity. 

Do message me with feedback so I can improve my blogs in the future!


All the best! 


Posted: 13/01/2020

The Importance of Sleep 

The Importance of Sleep

When trying to overcome video game addiction, one of the major things to do is improve your sleep.

Now, many people addicted to playing video games have trouble with fatigue, insomnia and other sleep disorders. This could be due to the “sleep debt” that has been accumulated over time whilst gamers sleep less and less due to their constant need to continue gaming as they are so close to achievement in that session.

Sleep is one of the most important parts of your life. Sleep enables your brain to repair itself, refresh itself and do things it cannot do when you are conscious. Ask yourself, why do medical professionals induce comas on patients when they have been in a life threatening accident or have a serious head injury? Because when the patient is asleep, there is a reduction of brain activity, slowing down the brain’s metabolism which helps minimize swelling and inflammation to the brain after a serious head injury. The brain is only able to repair itself when we are asleep so it is an effective procedure to help treat the patient.

In relation to video game addiction, by allowing yourself to sleep more, you will improve your sleep schedule and have regular sleep patterns which is known to improve your personal health, performance at work/school, increase mood and motivation.

You need at least 6-8 hours a day of sleep to develop a healthy lifestyle. Sleep habits can dictate eating habits, performance and your motivation.

Have you ever gone to school or work after only getting 3-4 hours’ sleep due to playing video games all night? Remember how you felt throughout the day?

That feeling is sleep deprivation. Many people suffer from this, for example medical professions due to their demanding work hours and dedication to their patients. Sleep deprivation is tiredness, fatigue, moodiness, irritation and lack of concentration, all of which are symptoms of lack of sleep.

Sleep deprivation leads to what we know as “Burn Outs” where you eventually crash out cold because your brain needs rest in order for it to support mechanisms that facilitate our physiological and cognitive functions. So one of the most important steps to beating video game addiction is improving the length of sleep you have, getting regular and set amount of time of sleep. Basically, rebuild a decent time of sleep patterns (6-8 hours a day).

Remember, due to the amount of times you had lack of sleep, you have built yourself a “sleep debt” which needs to be balanced out. So, the length of time recovering from this can be difficult.

One of the best ways to help you fall asleep is to turn off all electronics with bright white lights an hour and a half before bed. This enables your brain to produce the hormone melatonin that helps you fall asleep. Too many bright lights prevent the production of this sleep hormone therefore keeping you awake at night.

So turn down the brightness of your phone or TV in the evening so that your mind can produce melatonin. This hormone is only produced during the dark times of the day. This explains why in the winter, you are more tired due to the lack of sunlight in the day as the days get shorter.


  1. No electronics or bright lights 1-2 hours before bed.

  2. Improve your sleep patterns. Go to bed at the same time every day and get up at the same time every day.

  3. Make sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep per night as this improves your personal health and performance levels.

  4. You need to give yourself time to recover the loss of sleep previously and your now repaying that “sleep debt”.

  5. Make sure you include this in your plan to overcome video game addiction because with a healthy sleep pattern, you will find other areas of your life such as eating habits and performance at school/work improve too.


All the best,



Uploaded: 10/11/2019

Update Video - What's Coming Up?

A quick video update to let you know what is coming up next, what I have been up to and why there has not been any more videos and content posted since April/May. 

After producing and posting my Free Training Video for you guys, I had a lovely two weeks holiday ticking off my bucket list and when I returned to my full time weekday job as an Analytical Scientist, I had a lot of work to do for my job which required a lot of my focus whilst I was researching new content for you guys. It took a lot of my time and energy focusing on my main job, so thank you for being so patient. I love my job in the week as well as helping all of you overcome video game addiction. 

I am currently developing new video content for you all to use now my time has freed up, finished reading my hero's (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Total Recall) book and I am well rested after the busy period.


Thank you again and see you soon! 

All the best! 


Posted: 23/10/2019

Video Games Aren't The Problem, You Are! Part 3

In this video I will discuss Negative Mental Feedback Loops, what they are and how they work and what you need to do to recreate it into a positive mental feedback loop to help you overcome video game addiction.


If you have not watched the first two videos, go and watch them right now or this will not make senses to you.


Negative Mental Feedback Loop: Is a cause which as a negative impact on your lifestyle which creates a pattern of existence you consistently stick to.


Feedback loops occur where an effect of a cause loops around and feeds back into another stronger or weaker cause.


What you need to do is to enforce a positive to the cause and find the negative trigger which causes you to consistently play video games and feel that comfort.


Remove that trigger and replace it with another trigger that pushes you to do activities which will benefit your life or improve your lifestyle.


Yes I know that it all seems that simple, but trust me, it is. By changing your triggers and habits from the start of a pattern of existence, you can produce an improved positive pattern of existence which ultimately leads you to achieving your dream lifestyle.


Remember, what ever you put into something, you will get out. So if you put rubbish in, what are you going to get? Rubbish out.


Negative mental feedback loops can be thoughts such as:


1) I could be playing video games right now.

2) I would rather be playing my games then do this boring thing

3) Video games are far more interesting then what I am doing right now.


This way of thinking will cause a chain reaction and form the belief you need to play video games to feel any form of happiness or stimulation in your life. Which ultimately becomes your reality. Rinse and Repeat.


So... to create a positive mental feedback loop, instead of thinking " I would rather play my video games" think "When I get home or after breakfast, I am going to plan my next trip" That's if travelling is on your list of interests from the last video.


When you get that thought, think after I have done this first, I can always play my video games anything for 2-3 hours because I would rather do this.


Honestly, it is that simple. Without changes we cannot improve nor learn. So do it!


With consistency to your new pattern of existence and hobbies, video games will become less and less important in your life. It takes, work, discipline and consistency to implement a new positive mental feedback loop which ultimately benefits your life.


So, whatever changes you wish to make to your lifestyle, go do it! Not tomorrow, not next week or next month. Do it now, or you never will. Don't over complicate it, keep it simple and do it.


With that, let me know what you thought of this series. Sorry that the video cuts off at "All the Best" My timer ran out as I like to keep these video's to the maximum of 12 minutes.



All the best!



Posted: 07/04/2019

Video Games aren't the Problem, it’s You! Part 2

So in this video, I will discussed why it is that your addicted to playing games, what you need to do to tackle this and why it is important to find stimulation similar to video games else-where, be it exercise, motorcycling, sports, travelling or learning a new language.


It is important to remember that in order to be successful in overcoming any bad habit, is to get out of your comfort zone. The reason why you gravitate back to playing video games, is because your comfortable there and you have built yourself a sense of purpose there.


Cut down your gaming time. Cut your amount of gaming time in half.


Then, list all the things you have always wanted to do and start doing them in the spare time you have accumulated after cutting down your gaming time. These ideas and other interests will help you not to get bored or have those cravings to gravitate back to your comfort zone which is playing video games.

All the best, 


Posted: 31/03/2019

Video Games aren't the Problem, it’s You! Part 1

This video blog explains one of the reasons why video games are not the problem, you are. It gives explanation to one of the reasons people are addicted to video games and help understand why they are.


Self-control plays a major part in video game addiction especially when its all someone has achievement wise. When all you have is instant rewards from something in your life, it begins to control your life because all you desire that (temporary) happiness you gain from your gaming sessions. Therefore, you crave more and more, especially when at work/school, causing an addictive behaviour to take your self-control which inevitably causes an empty/hollow feeling inside.


In order to tackle this negative feedback loop is to discover what causes you to constantly want to play video games and find where you lost your self-control. Then, figure out a solution and act on it.


Watch here:

All the best,


Posted: 24/03/2019

Video Interview on Myself, My Story and Video Game Addiction with Pawel Bialo

My Interview with a Colleague Paweł Biało about our work and my Business as a Video Game Addiction Coach at


Pawel is currently running a Group called Growth Mastermind which helps challenge and connect fellow Entrepreneurs improve and master this businesses.


In this video you will hear our thoughts on business, my story and what I thrive to do with my business.


I do apologise in advance as parts of this video has connection problems.


This Video Upload is too big to be directly uploaded onto my website, please visit my Facebook Page:  for the video interview.


You can also find this video on YouTube on my colleague and friend's channel Pawel Bialo:


All the best,



Posted: 25/02/2019

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